Supply Chain Services

We offer a suite of services related to supply chain development and management.  Our core competencies include supplier management and rationalization.  We also advise on product development and end-of-life.  We'll audit your supply base as well as second- or third-tier suppliers - whether it is supply assurance, cost, quality, transparency, or a combination or those four key pillars.

Cost reduction

We will re-imagine your supply base by performing a bottoms-up assessment on should-cost models based on material and labor cost as well as competitive markets.  Implementing cost reduction efforts can often be a difficult and strenuous process - often made harder by long-term relationships within the existing business environment.  As a temporary third party we can be the voice of dissent in cost discussions and work to implement mutually-beneficial incentives to lower cost and increase profitability.

Location & staffing

Picking where your business will be located and when to establish a permanent physical presence is often as important as deciding what products to offer.   These decisions impact everything from company culture to the bottom line.  We have experience thoughtfully scaling international locations - let us help with your next effort.


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